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Eminotech banking solutions is one of the leading services in kakinada working collaboratively with the customer's best interest in mind. The team shares the common aim of the company collectively endeavours to realize the vision of the company.

We are in business line of Housing Loans,Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans, educatnal loans,property loans, credit cards, end to end banking solutions for transforming your bank. emino tech brings the world class experience and expertise that you need.

Our Mission

To be the preferred bank of our customers through operational excellence and international service quality; and of our employees with the highest level of ethical and moral values.

Our Vision

To provide our customers with the most effective solutions to help them best manage their financial futures, while creating long lasting value for all stakeholders.

Our Guide Lines:

  • We assist the all over procedure of your loan's under our presence on 24hrs at your service.
  • We guide you to choose the right branch which provide low rates of interest for your needy loan.
  • We complete the overall procedure to get your loan make easy with in a short period.
  • Our requirement to ensure your loans are very huge than any other banking procedures.